Frequetly Asked Questions

Where is Yeesland?

Yeesland is a multicultural and multilingual slow-nation located all around the world.

Who is the leader of this Country?

The King of Yeesland is "Singing Blackbird".

What is a yeeslandian name?

When you become a citizen you can choose a self made up name like "Red Crawl" or "Running Cloud". Like in tribal names.

What is the national anthem?

The national anthem is the morning song of the blackbird.

What is Yeesland date?

Yeesland date starts at the first day of spring.
(So march 21 = Day 1., march 22 = Day 2., ...December 31. = Day 285., january 1. = Day 286., ...the last day of the year is march 20. = Day 365.)
The Yeesland year format is "yyyy-ddd". (Example: 2017-234.)
The Yeesland day format is "Day ddd"(Example: Day 234.)

What is the national holidays of Yeesland?

The national holidays of Yeesland are, New year holiday (Day 1-10.), Summer solstice (Day 93.), Autumn Equinox (Day 186.), Winter Solstice (Day 275, Dec 21.) You can read mor about this at the national holidays section.