About Yeesland

Yeesland is a multicultural and multilingual slow-nation located all around the world. With its high quality of life, this is one of the calmest and most peaceful country. In Yeesland citizens are try to live life mindfully and in peace. Officially the Kingdom of Yeesland is a modern self declared micronation founded 3rd September 2017, by Singing Blackbird, the King of Yeesland.

What is our national anthem?

What can be more peaceful than a bird song? Yeesland's national anthem is the morning song of the blackbird.

National symbols

Yeesland flag

Our flag is very simple, positive and easy to recognize. Just six yellow stripes on a blank flag. Easy to draw it by hand.

Good things take time.

National holidays

New Year Festive

One of the biggest festive is New Year. This is the time of the cherry blossom, the first day of spring. The Yeeslandian New Year is at least a 10 day holiday. Most of the Yeeslanders are hiking in the nature or pic-nic in the park. In the evening they tell stories and play music together.

Resting day

This day is a resting day to focus the ones who really matters and spending some time with them.

Storytelling nights

This is the most important festive in the winter season. The three day holiday is about telling stories and fairy tales.

Yeesland Date European Date Name Event
Every full moon Full Moon Night
1-10. Day March 20-29. New Years Eve From this time a 10 day celebration out in the nature. Walking, hiking, pic-nic in the park.
93. Day June 21. Summer Soltice The longest day, celebrated with dance and music.
186. Day September 22. Resting day (Autumn Equinox) No work, just spend the whole day with your family, friends.
275-277. Day December 21-23. Storytelling nights The longest night. The 3 day holiday spent with storytelling, eating and resting.

Enjoy details.