Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.

The first slow-nation

Yeesland is a multicultural and multilingual slow-nation located all around the world established on 3rd September 2017,by Singing Blackbird, the king of Yeesland. With its high quality of life, this is one of the calmest and most peaceful country. Yeesland is a place where life is good.

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Yeesland News

  • Postage stamps Brid series

    Bird Series postage stamp

    Day 21. 2020

    Today Royal Mail issued a Bird theme postage stamp series.

  • Bee Hotel

    Make some bee hotel!

    Day 16. 2019

    It is a great movement to turn your garden bee friendly.

  • Spring tree

    Happy New Year to Everyone!

    Day 1. 2019

    Spring Equinox is our New Year. Join to spend a wonderful time outside!

  • Christmas Stamps

    Merry Christmas!

    Day 278. 2019

    For this event Royal Mail issued a Christmas postage stamp!

  • Slooow Motion Festival Poster

    Slooow Motion Film festival

    Day 262. 2019

    We collect a bunch of movies and short films which help to relax, make you smile and find you back to a meaningful life.

  • Royal Mail First Postage Stamp

    Royal Mail established

    Day 166. 2019

    For this event Royal Mail issued a memorial postage stamp series.

  • Little Rock National Park

    Now we have a National Park

    Day 200. 2018

    Now we have a micro-national park called Little Rock National Park. This is also the first micro-national park.

  • National Gallery

    National Gallery Established

    Day 340. 2017

    The King donated some pictures from his own collection to the Gallery.

  • Website presented

    Day 277. 2017

    Happily we present our new website.

  • Coat of arms

    Now we have a coat of arms!

    Day 239. 2017

    In our Coat of arms appears, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.

  • Blackbird

    Listen our anthem!

    Day 239. 2017

    What can be more peaceful than a bird song? Yeesland's national anthem is the morning song of the blackbird.

  • National Flag of Yeesland

    Now we have a National Flag!

    Day 239. 2017

    Our flag is very simple, positive and easy to recognize. Just six yellow stripes on a blank flag. Easy to draw it by hand.